Whether to weather the weather?

I have always been fascinated with weather. I can remember times watching a lightning storm dance over the ocean, or ripple a cornfield with fingers of electricity that lit up the darkened sky against a mountainous backdrop. Nature’s fury can be dangerous with tornadoes, and hurricanes. In our neck of the woods, there is a tornado alley this time of year just north of where I live and I have seen the destruction that occurs when a tornado or a micro-burst ravages trees and buildings. My wife and I are glued to the TV when a hurricane story begins on the Weather Channel.

Speaking of the Weather Channel, I always envied Jim Cantore’s job.

Jim Cantore

I always wanted to be the reporter hanging on for dear life in my Weather Channel Gore Tex outfit. I saw myself clinging to a light pole in a hurricane, 100+ MPH winds, garbage cans flying by my head, debris everywhere bringing the storm into the comfortable living rooms all across America. Pat McCloskey reporting live from Tampa, Florida, Niles, Ohio, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It’s crazy but I would love that job. Always wanted to be a storm chaser too. Looking for the tornado waiting to be born.

In addition to being fascinated by weather events, I love to be out in it. I have my Gore Tex outfits and am completely waterproof when I ski in torrential rainfall. The snow is soft and great even though the water is cascading down my goggles like a Yosemite waterfall. This spring has been particularly wet here in the east and if you don’t get out to enjoy your outdoor activities because of weather, you don’t get out much. I have ridden my mountain bike more days this spring in foul weather than I can remember, but as my friend Mark ” the Shark” Sauers says,” There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.”

The funny thing about being out in the foul weather is that once you make the effort, you are glad you did even though most people would think you have lost your mind. I can remember having my best results back in my weekend warrior days when the skies would open up on an mountain bike race course or during a road race. Most people either quit or didn’t bother to start. The ones who persevered sometimes didn’t have the attitude to continue like the guy changing his shirt here at the NORBAs at Seven Springs. He had enough when the skies opened up for a third time – concurrent with each lap. Mac Martin, a legend in cycling, taught me to persevere in bad conditions. He always said that if you think you are suffering, the other guy is suffering worse. Just continue on. I can remember going over the handle bars in Month of Mud races where it snowed 6 inches during the race. But grinding it out despite the crashes, paid off in the end. A little suffering for the weekend warrior taught me lessons in competition. You have to outlast the bastards.

Those days are gone now but I still make it a point to get out no matter what the weather is doing. I have skied in raging snowstorms and seen some amazing snow events. I have ridden on the road and trails in torrential rain and snow and coming back half frozen or soaked to the bone, I still have a smile on my face. Sure the sunshine is great, but look what you miss if you let weather ruin your fun. If you have the mindset that you go out no matter what, you will be happy you did instead of sitting on the couch. Get the gear- it is worth it no matter what you pay. If you suit up correctly, you can enjoy nature at it’s grumpiest. Experience the muffled silence of a snowstorm in the woods. Enjoy the smells of the green forests during a rain storm. The fragrance of the blossoms blooming in the humid air of the woods is better than any department store perfume counter. The soft tapping of rain on the leaves of the canopy is relaxing and even though things can get a bit sloppy, the experience of that soft rain is rewarding. Be like the Shark, no matter what, get out. No such thing as bad weather. Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Whether to weather the weather?

  1. Dan Ros says:

    Good stuff yet again Patty. Some of my best memories growing up were playing hockey outside in negative temps. It brings a sense of camaraderie.

    On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 4:34 PM, chroniclesofmccloskey wrote:

    > patmccloskey posted: ” I have always been fascinated with weather. I can > remember times watching a lightning storm dance over the ocean, or ripple a > cornfield with fingers of electricity that lit up the darkened sky against > a mountainous backdrop. Nature’s fury can be dang” >

  2. Janet Lee McCloskey says:

    I’m still amazed at what your go out into!😉👍

  3. Janet Lee McCloskey says:

    I’m still amazed at what you will go out into!😉👍

  4. Mark Hutchinson says:

    Pat, guys like you have seen all kinds of weather! As an aside, Jim Cantore went to Lyndon State College in Vermont, they have a great program there to train weather men and girls!

  5. Cindy Sakala says:

    Farming gives me a different perspective on the weather. You can’t fight the rain if you’re trying to plant. You can’t make it rain when you need it. So, rainy days are like a day off and I enjoy them by slowing down a bit. And a drought is far worse than too much rain. We just go with it.

  6. Russel Davies says:

    A bit of Walter Mitty in the early part of this interesting post!

  7. Art Bonn says:

    Sorry reading this late. This spring if you don’t ride in the rain you’re not riding much! Even though I’ve been caught in unbelievable storms, I still go out when it’s threatening. I guess I’m a bit of a storm chaser too, good post.

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