Miss Molly Could Turn ’em

My sister Molly and I had a great childhood learning to ski thanks to the initial encouragement of our parents and subsequently with the opportunity to stay at the Rich cabin on County Line Road every winter weekend. Bob and Sally Rose, Barley and Dixon Rich, and our parents,Carol and Dick, made it a priority that all of us kids would ski and enjoy the winter with the opportunity to stay in the mountains together-with spread out sleeping bags all over the living room.

Fast forward, my sister attended Carnegie Mellon University,majoring in Music Theater, and I would take her on her spring breaks to ski areas in the east and the west. When we would drive to New England, I forced her to ski in the most challenging conditions( rain, sleet, snow, ice,) and we would drive forever trying to find the best snow. She skied the bullet proof conditions at Killington, Sugarloaf and Stowe, and when she returned to school, she was exhausted after a week with her Type Quad A brother.

We would also go west to Snowbird, and Alta with my friend Mike Smith from Lake George and oftentimes she would stare down the Cirque with some apprehension and I would encourage her to go for it because she had the technique to ski it. After a harrowing trip for her on the High Traverse to the top of High Rustler at Alta, Molly started down and initiated a small slide. Her eyes were as wide as a pie plate and I said it is all fine, just ski it – and she did.

Molly and I would ski locally at an area near her home,when she relocated to Westfield, N.J, named Vernon Valley which is now Mountain Creek. At the time, their best run had a great deli at the bottom and there was nothing like skiing a steep run, dodging the yahoos from New York City, and eating a great corned beef on rye for lunch and doing it all over until the lifts closed.

Fast forward again, Molly got a great gig as the host of a nationally syndicated TV show out of WOR TV Channel 9 in New York. Romper Room and Friends with Miss Molly was seen by children all over the country on the super station and when she would return to Pittsburgh to visit, she had “Doobie Stickers” in hand which would end up on the back of everyone’s season passes at Seven Springs – our local ski area.

Molly was not only a celebrity from the TV show, but a local celeb who skied very well. We would race together in the Poconos on Pro Am teams during our cousin’s tenure with Coca Cola and as a strong woman skier, the guys from the Pro Skiing Circuit were all too happy to have her on their teams. We got some nice hard wear from those Pro Am races,which were Coca Cola sponsored, and the Belden brothers(Kurt and Kent) from Pico, Vermont, always wanted us to be on their team. More money for them and bigger bowling alley trophies for us.

Life moved on for Molly and she had 4 kids and the skiing days started to become far and few between. I tried to encourage her to grind through and keep her ski days in the winter, but it just became too time consuming with her work of raising a family.

Recently, things came a little full circle when my nephew Charlie, his new bride Trina, and my niece Mary all visited Laurel Mountain for a ski day with Uncle Pat. . As I watched Charlie and Mary, I saw glimpses of their mother in their turns and it was a joy to me that somehow my sister’s genes rubbed off on the slopes. Trina was a natural even though she was never on a pair of skis before in her life. Charlie remarked that he and Trina will make this a priority in their lives together and that made me smile.

Molly has a new hip now and the excuses for a return to the slopes with her Quad A brother are quickly fading. Maybe we will see some more Doobie Stickers re-surfacing as she perhaps makes a comeback? I am hoping so. Life can get in the way of things that you really like to do. But if you make it a priority and grind through the BS, you can enjoy the mountains, the slopes, or whatever your pleasure is. Carpe Deium folks. Life is short. Enjoy it. Maybe you will be seen in the Magic Mirror again? Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Miss Molly Could Turn ’em

  1. Paul K. Vey says:

    Good fun Pat….Hard to believe Charlie is married AGGGGHHHHH!

    No wonder the mirror says my face is old and wrinkly!!! Hahaha have a good one

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  2. jack ladesic says:

    Pat, tell your sister that one lonely hip replacement should NEVER stop her return to the slopes. Your pal Jack is currently skiing the best of his life with two knee replacements & two hip replacements. Pain free!!! Heading to my annual sojourn up Highland Bowl in March. Tell her, no excuses.
    Best regards, Jack

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Thomas B Martin says:

    I want a sticker!

  4. Cindy Marie says:

    How great to have those memories of skiing with your sister. Hope she will bet back to something she loves.

  5. Hutch says:

    NIce story Pat! You even mentioned some skiing friends of mine from Pico! Their dad owned the ski area you know. I hope Molly gets out again, her new hip will serve her well! Its nice that you had so many good skiing trips with Sis!

    • patmccloskey says:

      Thanks Hutch. The Belden brothers were characters. They even wanted me to do the Pro jumps instead of taking the gate that was set up on the side of the jumps for the amateurs. I practiced a little off the jumps with their coaching, which was a little sketchy. But chose to do my runs on the amateur course. Thanks for reading. Biblical rains down here.

      • Hutch says:

        Kurt was a real force on the Pro tour! Won a lot of races! He is a great natural racer! He used to “warm up” at the start with a little puff of weed! lol! Kent was very good too! All American at UVM.

  6. Art Bonavoglia says:

    I remember when I was first learning to ski watching Molly ski down Stowe at 7 Springs thinking boy, I wish I could ski like that! I wanna be a do bee.

  7. Russel Davies says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Russel Davies says:

    BTW, I bagged 5 Montana areas and finally got Snow King, now at 117.

  9. patmccloskey says:

    I don’t think I will catch you Rus. Impressive. Glad you had a great frip

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