Another Lap Around the Sun

I always liked that expression, ” just another lap around the sun.” A funny way to describe birthdays of which I had one this weekend. Everybody has birthdays. No big deal except as I get older, they take on a little more significance to me because I am starting to see them as time slipping away. I have a friend who thinks of it as quality days left and to make the most of them. Now I am not ready for the glue factory by any stretch of the imagination, but you do start to think of these things as yet another year or lap around the sun goes by.

Mom and me at Lake Erie

Thinking about laps, I think about all the time I spent running laps around North Park Lake , or lapping my favorite mountain bike loops, or lapping my favorite ski runs. Up the chair and back down again trying to make the best turns I could. Running around the lake to see how fast I could go and to get in shape for something. Riding the bike and only seeing the guy’s rear end in front of me struggling to keep up or going fast enough to keep from getting run over.

These days, the laps are more about taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride more than anything. Looking at the changing leaves in the fall, or taking in the mountains from the seat of the chairlift or at the beginning of a run. Sure I try to make good turns but it is not about the most vertical feet attained anymore. Trying to enjoy the laps and make them count a little more from the experience side of things. Slowing down to take in the peaks and valleys below on a mountain bike ride. Enjoying the laps instead of always killing myself to attain some goal.

Sitting on a rock in Bend, Oregon – taking it in.
Enjoying some laps with my wife.

As I thought back this weekend on laps around the sun, I thought about what the next laps should include. I think we all have to think about that as we work through the Covid situation and the state of the country. There are people out there who are struggling and part of our mission on this next lap should be to help them . We all should focus on being kind and considerate in this age of social media nastiness. The political stress is waning now and I think we all could make great use of our lap around the sun helping people in need and being kind to others including those who don’t necessarily agree with us. These quality days left can include just being aware of your family, friends and neighbors and going the extra mile for them. An old pastor friend of mine once said that you don’t need to go out of the country on a mission trip if you don’t want to go. There are plenty of opportunities to help people right in your own hometown or neighborhood. All you need to do is look, listen and be aware. Just a little daily consideration for your friends and family is great too. We all need to look for those chances each day. Not preaching here, just sayin. We all are in the same boat together. Maybe opening a door for an elderly person with a smile could make their day? A kind word of encouragement for a friend. Helping someone out whose vehicle is stuck in the snow. Letting someone with a handful of groceries go in front of you. (People do that for me because I am too lazy to get a cart and end up with too much. LOL) Little things sometimes go a long way to helping someone just make it through the day. A phone call?

Time flies folks and as I look at the difference between these two guys, I realize that the laps around the sun are going faster and faster. I feel sometimes like I am driving a Ferrari, way too fast, standing on the brakes and not slowing down at all. Lets all slow down and enjoy the laps. Lets all make good use of them. We need to look for opportunities to be kind. Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Another Lap Around the Sun

  1. William A Day says:

    Your preaching to the choir Pat, “I’m much to young to be this old”!
    Remember our motto, “Younger Next Year”!
    Take Care!

  2. Jaime says:

    Well written as always and the lap is appropriate for those of us who lap slopes, trails, and roads.
    Looking forward to sharing those Wildcat laps this Season with you on our new boards!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I also celebrated mine this week — a great moment to pause and take stock, like you have. I enjoy the contrast between baby photos, and now (especially the classic cowboy hat). Sending smiles and goodness your way :)) Dawn

  4. Art Bonn says:

    Life here is short for sure. Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, this is the will of God! If your not going to preach I will. Great post Pat!

  5. edietmorgan says:

    Nicely said Pat! I hope you enjoyed your birthday and may the next lap be nice and slow.

  6. Pat Faulkner Sr. says:

    Great post Peej! MB and I did 68 miles up and back on the Virginia Creeper Trail over two days this weekend. 7 hours total in the saddle. We took UR advice and took our time. We may have fallen off the food choices wagon however!
    Your ears should have been burning. We agree with your friend- enjoy the quality years that we have remaining!!! Take care. Please say hello to Janet.

  7. Cousin Lynne, Lynne Anne, Lynnie to my beloved Uncle George and Aunt Joan says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes Pat!
    The white cowboy hat photo is EVERYthing!
    A sign, small, subtle, hammered to a stake close to the ground,along the EXIT drive from our,church was pointed out to me by my Pastor 15 years ago,after I expressed my disappointment that in 50 years of hoping & praying,my longing to go on a mission trip to the far reaches of the earth, had never come to fruition. The sign he was pointing towards says: “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE MISSION FIELD.”
    Love to you and Jan, Your Cuz-In-Law, L.A.

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