The End of the Trail

Two and a half years ago, my wife Janet said to me,” You have all these stories in your head, why don’t you write them down?” ” You should start a blog.” I thought that was a good idea and on January 1st, 2013, I started what became ” The Chronicles of McCloskey- the Zany Stories and Adventures of the 58 year old kid.”photo I wanted to chronicle my outdoor adventures over the years with skiing, cycling, hiking, and some other blended adventures. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from writing the blog. I learned not only the mechanics of writing and publishing the blog, but I learned about what was important to me in my past life. In fact,there is a company in Rochester, NY that publishes blogs into a nice coffee table book which I proudly have displayed in my living room. They did a great job and it is amazing to see 176 posts all collected – pictures and all, sitting on my coffee table. I wanted it for posterity and also hoping that my son Jack would read it someday. He is not really interested in the great outdoors and has not read much of the Chronicles, if at all. But someday, he might take a look and be entertained by the mishaps and adventures of his old man. I hope so.
But now, it is time to close the book on the Chronicles of McCloskey. After posting twice per week the first year and once per week in the remaining year and a half, I really have told most of my stories and collected most of my thoughts with regards to exercise and outdoor activities. Frankly, I am out of gas and anything posted beyond this point would be repetitive or perhaps sub standard in my own definition. These 176 posts will be out in cyber space forever and the hope is that some of them might inspire someone to try something new, continue with their current exercise program, or have a laugh at my expense. I enjoyed the writing, but my ulterior motive was that if I can do it, most people can also do it. I have not climbed Everest, kiteboarded in the Indian Ocean, ridden a motorcycle on most of the roads in Alaska, or anything like that. But I have had some interesting adventures and my main motive was to inspire someone to get off the couch and get into the great outdoors with some really great pastimes.
Finally, as the 60 year old kid continues on in life, I will still pursue my passions with a fire in my belly for powder turns, fast groomer turns, fun rides on great trails, and more adventures with my wonderful wife and son. My good friend Eric and our pals will be in on the mix, but the important thing to me is now that I have chronicled the past, I move on to the future. I am in the fourth quarter of life, but most games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. Age is irrelevant if you can avoid catastrophic illness and keep in shape and just continue to do what you love to do. I want to thank all of the 668 folks who so nicely followed my blog either on Facebook, email, or WordPress. I would also like to thank Word Press for their support over these last two and half years. Who knows, maybe I will write something else someday? But thank you all for indulging what has been a wonderful hobby and I wish you God’s continued blessings in your lives. 70019150-SLD-001-0028 Thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “The End of the Trail

  1. Tim Shipley says:

    Pat, I have enjoyed your posts. Your goal to inspire others has been accomplished many times over. It is an honer to count you as my friend! Can’t wait to see you on the hill or on the trails. You truly are “the most interesting man in the world”. God bless you and yours! See you soon!

  2. Sean Cornelius says:

    Pat, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. We will have to get together again this winter.

  3. Jack says:

    Pat, sorry to see you’ve “retired”. I have really enjoyed your blog. Hope to see you sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that the boys have regular “meetings” at our club house on 6th Ave. Stay in touch, Jack

  4. Janet McCloskey says:

    Well I know you have more stories to tell so maybe just take break ….cause I will miss reading your Blog. We have a lot more living to do together and I would like to have it recorded for when we are really old 😉❤️ Xoxo

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  5. Don Siegle says:

    Thanks for the enjoyable reading. I loved the reference of the 4th quarter, how true. Miss Molly’s brother doing alright. By the way, Jack will pick up the book. !!!!!!!!!!


    • patmccloskey says:

      Thanks to everyone for all the supportive comments. This has been fun. Maybe there will be a Phoenix from the ashes someday. New ideas. Thanks again to everyone.

  6. Bill belch says:

    Pat you inspire us all thank you for kicking out the blog posts each week and the great stories, we all will never forget many thanks ,

  7. Hutch says:

    You posts were wonderful Pat! You have the gift for remembering details and telling a great story. Thanks for all the though provoking entertainment! Hope your retirement is a short one!

  8. Mary Jo Neff says:

    I’ve truly enjoyed reading your blog and would love to see your coffee table book some day. Happy trails to you.

  9. Jim Sota says:

    Enjoyed reading about your life and experiences. Thank you for sharing, it inspired me to think about my past, some of which touched yours.

  10. Rus Davies says:

    Pat, interesting tales from an interesting guy, thanks for sharing.

  11. oclv454 says:

    I have enjoyed reading your ramblings the past couple of years. It is with tears in my eyes that I read this last one. We will all support you with new adventures in the last quarter so in 15 or 20 years you can get back to writing more Chronicles of McCloskey. Eric

  12. Valerie Reading says:

    We’ve enjoyed the ride!

  13. J.R. says:

    Pat… don’t talk silly! Janet is right, you have a lot of great stories in you. Take some time off but… I hope you will consider coming back to share the stories of tomorrow. 650+ people will be waiting. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Philip Heffler says:


    ER….I MEAN PAT! WELL…At least now u will have time to ride in the 20th celebration of the Catoctin Challenge!!! AUG 1ST AND 2ND….. BE THERE! phil…will be in the burg this week..u free for a beer one tues or wed?

  15. Nooooooo……..your “retold” stories will be way better than most “new” blogs out there.

    I’ll be waiting for Chronicles – The Sequel (prequel will do too!!) 🙂

  16. Awwww nooo! We’ll miss you, Pat!

  17. Mark Sauers says:

    God gives us so much time here what matters most is not what we leave behind but who we bring forward. Pat you have given us many good stories and smiles. Heres to you next chapter let God guide your path.

  18. Cuz says:

    Just read this last entry dated my and Jack’s birthday, which one day, along with the book on your coffee table, will mean everything to him. God bless you and ALL you do in the 4th quarter of this life. SLAINTE!! Your ever-lovin’ Irish Cousin-In-Law…… Cuz-I-L….xoxoxo

  19. Bill Day says:

    Just read your final post and something tells me you will have more to offer after a couple of years to refuel! Unbeknownst to you I give you credit to this day for my second wind in regards to my physical condition. After having a couple of physical setbacks you recommended I read the book “Younger Next Year”, I live it every day thanks to you. You’re a true inspiration, see you soon!

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