The Worlds Collide

Fun times at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

You know, one of the cool things about ski trips is that you can get together with a lot of your friends and have a great time in the mountains and afterwards at apres ski. I have been trying to get the four couples on this trip together for a long time. The Chetlins who are part time residents of Bend, the Durfees of Lake Tahoe, the Hutchinsons from Vermont, and the Girones- fomerly from Pittsburgh and now full time residents of Bend, Oregon. They all have their own different worlds of existence but they all collided finally last week at a really fun time in Bend and Mt. Bachelor. I have been trying to get the Chetlins, the Durfees and the Girones together because of their mutual love of camping with their truly amazing vehicles. Once they got to know each other, they got a good look at their respective camper vehicles and there was a lot of chatter in the parking lot at an impromptu tailgate to celebrate Tim Girone’s birthday.

The Girone’s fabulous tailgate and their amazing Mercedes camper van.
The Durfee Sportmobile

The Hutchinsons and the Chetlins have their own camper vehicles but generally use them in the summer months and Janet and I are the only ones who do not partake. However it was cool to see all parties discussing camping and their vehicles in the parking lot last week.

The gang at the Girone tailgate.

Another two worlds that collided positively last week were the Hutchinsons and the McCloskeys. We have been trying to get Nancy Hutchinson and Janet together to ski and it finally happened. They had a great time skiing together and their friendship bonded through the week on the slopes and off.

Nancy and Mark Hutchinson at Mt. Bachelor

Mark and I have skied together for 25 years and Eric and Helen Durfee and I have skied consistently together for 45 years. Recently my wife Janet has joined this mix and it is nice to have all the couples together on the slopes and telling tales afterwards over a cold beer.

But the final world to collide with all of us was the Chetlin world. Jeff and Julie were really the glue behind last weeks collision as they made everyone feel welcome in their adopted hometown of Bend and also their favorite ski area- Mt. Bachelor, as well as in their beautiful home.

Janet and Julie – pals forever.
Jeff the ringleader.

Jeff is nothing short of amazing. Part of the experience for all of us on this trip was to see Jeff make beautiful ski turns down the mountain. He also rode his fat bike and it was gratifying to see a guy who almost two years ago suffered a debilitating stroke and made an amazing comeback with the help of all of his friends and his wonderful wife Julie. On trips like this, memories are made and to see all these people come together and ski, talk about van camping, discuss food and wine from the Willamette Valley, enjoy all that Bend has to offer was spectacular. And to see Jeff back in his element with his friends and making classic turns down the mountain with excellent balance was a dream come true.

Now the finale to this story, is the fact that I love to do this. Part of my mission in life is to get like minded people together to experience each other as friends. Some people joke that I don’t really have to do this, because they like to do their own thing, and I understand that. But it is important to me to try to get people of similar interests together. Friendships are forged through memories and to create some new ones with new people getting together is something special. Mt Bachelor is an amazing mountain and the weather can be ruthless but the skiing is top notch and we all enjoyed our days on this beautiful mountain/volcano. It served as the backdrop to a really fun week with really fun people. Many of whom had met for the first time. Hats off to the Hutchinsons for getting the wheels in motion. One last thing……………Bend people are cool. So nice, considerate, and just plain friendly. Why wouldn’t they be? They all live and play in a great part of the country and they enjoy all that it has to offer year round. If you haven’t been to Bend, check it out. And take some friends along. Thanks for reading.

The majestic Mt. Bachelor
The ultimate fun seekers- the Girones.
Left to right- Julie, Helen, Janet, yours truly, Eric, and Richard the Bend locaL

14 thoughts on “The Worlds Collide

  1. John Dyer says:

    Kudos for your mission Pat. Am sure your friends all appreciate the effort and results of what you do.

  2. Rus says:

    Awesome, reminds me of the many times we used our conversion van for winter ski trips! What a fantastic snow year out west. Miriam has a cousin in Redmond, Oregon and we have an open invitation. Maybe when I get my new knees!

  3. LindaLou says:

    It was great to be part of this! Our Revel van wasn’t up there but camper vans, dogs, beer and Bend are a way of life here! Come back and visit again anytime and Shhhhhh about how awesome it is here year round, we like to keep it to ourselves! Lol

  4. Nancy HUTCH says:

    Hi Pat, I enjoyed your latest chronicle and am impressed and envious that you can write something to publish so quickly. I have been working on my story since we got home and have moved the backstory to the beginning. I still have a lot of work to do, and will share with you when I feel that it is nearly done. You are an inspiration to me.

    I am done with skiing for the season. What a way to end my season at Mt Bachelor. Are you done too? Nancy


    • patmccloskey says:

      I look forward to seeing your finished product. I am amazed at the Presidential traverse. We are finished around here but I am going to get one more in with Eric at Mammoth the first week of May.

  5. Art Bonn says:

    That mountain looks fantastic! Glad that you all had such a great time, and the pics are awesome! So you guys are skiing at Mammoth in may, a couple of jagoffs!

  6. Lynne Hartnett says:

    Glad to hear you had a great reunion trip. I missed skiing with you Janet, Eric and Helen at Arrowhead and Beaver!

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