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I have posted on it before, but it takes a real enthusiasm to be a skier in the mid- Atlantic region of the country. We have to fight the continuing cycle of snow, ice, and rain events along with increasingly milder temperatures. If it were not for snowmaking, and good grooming, we would be in a world of hurt around these parts. We do our best to get our ski days in locally and then plan trips for the West and New England. Covid will offer some challenges but I am undaunted in my quest for the target 30 days which is fairly decent for a guy who is still employed, lives in Pennsylvania, and yearns for the first turns of the season. Nothing does my heart more good than a new pair of boards.

My local ski buddy and my western ski pal also got new boards this season and we are all excited to try them in hopefully a short month or two.

New Lake Tahoe Stocklis
New Heads for my local pal

To me, a new pair of skis is like a jump start to the season. I get a little bummed at the end of the season when the last turns are made and I have to wait another 8 months to ski again. With a new pair of boards, the anticipation is increased among the changing leaves and the falling temperatures . It makes the 8 months seem to race quickly as I anticipate the first turns of the season, especially excited to try a new pair of skis. November comes quickly with You Tube Ski TV and vicariously I begin the season in advance of the first tracks around here.

Wooden skis, cable bindings, leather tie boots. Back in the day

My passion for this sport began when my folks first took me skiing. ( They didn’t ski but wanted my sister and I to get started). I will never forget my first pair of wooden skis , and my excitement then is no different than it is today embarking on my 59th season. Anyone who skis remembers his or her first pair and can probably name most of the skis that they have used since then. I remember my dad subsequently buying me my first season pass and also a pair of Head 360s for Christmas. My job was to earn the money for my first pair of buckle boots and boy was I excited when I first tried on my Koflachs. No more bloody knuckles tying ski boots. But the important thing was that my dad was teaching me to earn money so that I could buy what I wanted. It meant more to me and is a lesson that I carry with me today. Any trips, equipment, and lift tickets were my responsibility from that point on and I mowed a lot of lawns, shoveled a lot of driveways, hauled a lot of steamer trunks caddying at my dad’s club. Working in the box factory in college helped pay for a lot of things and the lesson was being ingrained with every pay check. It still is today when I budget for trips, ski equipment, and ski passes.

I think a lot about my dad when ski season starts. Especially when I tune my skis on the bench that he built for me some 40+ years ago. Every time I add to my quiver of skis and get a new pair, I think of him and the message that he taught me to earn the skis that will earn my turns. So many memories of ski seasons past, but the anticipation of what is to come is only accentuated by the vision of a new pair of skis, waiting to be mounted. Think snow and think safety in the coming ski season. Wear your mask, wash your hands and make sure that skiing is there for all of us this season. Thanks for reading

17 thoughts on “Anticipation!

  1. Paul K. Vey says:

    Perfect, Pat!

    My new boards ( and I too had Head 360s in 1969) are headed for the ski shop for mounting…total excitement.

    Thanks for including me on your blog list!


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  2. oclv454 says:

    Always exciting when Mr Brown drops off a long skinny box! Pat, I don’t see a photo of your new slats.

  3. oclv454 says:

    Oops, now I see them! Nice boards!

  4. Bob Wagner says:

    Bought my first boards from someone I met in the Goggle, Karen Adams. K2 5500. I didn’t know at the time she was a local and they turned out to be a pretty good ski. Took them to Willies to have them set up and bindings had a recall so ended up with new Marker Bindings. Never looked back.

  5. Andy Michanowvz has been twisting my arm to get back out skiing with him and Angel. He has equipment that I can use.
    I never experienced skiing the shape skiis.
    I can remember like yesterday the run which closed out my season before moving to Cincinnati. Tyrol and just crushing it with my new skiis. Only later in the day to have them stolen.
    Did you buy your Koflach boots at Kaufmans downtown. I did!
    How about those wooden skills during spring skiing. If one didn’t have the grey wax, you weren’t going anywhere.
    Thanks for the memories. Can you believe it has been 20 years since I have skied. Is that a sin?
    Life has worked out well. Just doing different stuff.
    I mis yins. We really had it all back then. So fortunate.
    Maybe this year!

  6. Lisa says:

    I agree tough having the weather to ski this year. Remember you can social distance by spacing of lifts. I wonder what will be open

    • patmccloskey says:

      Most ski areas will open with social distancing in lift lines and chair lifts. Take out lunches and limited seating in lodges. No walk up lift tickets. Everything ordered on line. Passholders will get preference.

  7. Lisa Allen says:

    Hi Pat,Nice Post. It is fun to anticipate skiing again. I am thinking of getting cross country skies this year. I heard Willies in the south hills is going out of business. Any tips on skies?Here is my new blog about Ohiopyle kayaking. Hope you enjoy it. Lisa Day 374 Ohiopyle State Park- Dare to Explore the Youghiogheny River –“Pedal/ Paddle” – a Whitewater Experience that Balances Thrill with Relaxation

    | | | Day 374 Ohiopyle State Park- Dare to Ex… |

    • patmccloskey says:

      Not sure about XC ski equipment. Maybe check with Peak Ski and Board over on RT 8? I will read your article. Thanks for sending but I do believe I get it via FB or other means. I usually read them because they are very informative.

  8. Art Bonn says:

    You’ve got me pumped! The anticipation is really exciting! Getting the new boards is another level of excitement. I haven’t pulled the trigger on new skis yet but after reading this I’m on it. Thanks for this post.

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