That’s Why I Married Her

You learn a lot about patience when you are confined to your home in times like this. You become aware of things that maybe you were too busy to see before, or maybe just never took the time to notice. For instance, the patience shown by my wife Janet, for her ailing 89 year old mother, Joan, who lives with us. Janet is the only caregiver for her mom and outside of the weekly nursing visits, she is all alone in the care of her mother. Sure, I can assist by going to the store, getting supplies, cleaning up after dinner, and other mundane things, but for the most part-Janet is the one. Every day, every week.

We have someone who will come in and be with her mom when Janet and I wanted to get out,or go away, but now that there is nothing open, that option is tabled. I am sure she is like a lot of women who care for their elderly parents, but to see it up close and personal, is impressive.

I can remember my mom cooking and caring for our elderly relatives and she was good about that. But the difference is that when someone actually lives with you, the neediness as they age, becomes acute and you have to have a lot of patience and kindness in order to take each day at a time.

Janet and her mom are best friends. Sure they have their battles as they vied for supremacy in the kitchen. Two women in one house have different ways of doing things and after many years of living with me, Janet all of a sudden had her mom back in the house living with her. Joan can’t dictate in the kitchen any more. Her years of doing that are over. Strange times and a real need to adapt. We were able to get away before all of this Covid stuff, but as it turns out, Janet’s mom is becoming more needy as the days go on. We are not sure what lies ahead. Outside of the walks outside in the neighborhood, and using the elliptical machine in the basement, Janet has been pretty much confined to the house as is a lot of the population. I have been around a lot more than I usually am but am able to get out and ride some remote trails on my mountain bike and see some of my riding friends in a socially acceptable way. And it is helpful. But my wife, God love her, gets up every day and the first thing on her mind is her mom. How is she? Wonder what she wants to eat today? Does she need her shower? The aides that have been coming have been great, but with the need to isolate due to this disease, their appearance has been suspended to keep Joan safe. So shower time duties belong to Janet. Her mother’s laundry, her pills( how she keeps track of that I will never know), other things that I will not go into here are daily, taxing things that only Janet can do for her mom. Every day, every week, with no relief as long as this Covid- 19 crisis is with us, and beyond.

I try to support Jan by being here but I have to tell you, if I didn’t get out a little bit I would lose my mind. I don’t have the patience that my wife shows and although she gets frustrated from time to time, she is the archetype of what a caring, Christian person should be. Sure it is her mom, but I am sure Janet never thought this would happen. She and her mom cared for her dad while he was infirm in the last years of his life, and now she has the care of her mom every day.

I always tell Janet that someday, she will look back and know that she did the right thing. She extends grace, as grace was extended to her from our Savior. Her mom has macular degeneration, and hearing loss, as well as other life threatening issues. Her life here in our home, is really the best that she could have and it would not be possible without the daily, weekly, attention and care that she gets from her daughter.

Someday I hope she can get back to her happy place. Someday I will look at her and be happy that she found some relaxation. Today I look at her with love and admiration. She is a caring, loving, grace giving, person and that is why I married her and how blessed I am . Thanks for reading.

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22 thoughts on “That’s Why I Married Her

  1. Joyce says:

    Our love and prayers are with allofyou

  2. Lisa Tourek says:

    Love to all 3 of you. I have walked the path that Janet walks and, while I will never regret it, it literally nearly did me in. Caring for a parent in the sunset of their life, with needs and frustrations over the realization that they are failing, is so hard. Take good care of Janet – I know you will. My spouse was my life saver and I know you will be the same for Janet. You all will be in my prayers.

    • patmccloskey says:

      Thank you Lisa. I know the good work that you did with your parents. That was not easy and I appreciate your prayers for Janet. Stay healthy and thanks for this.

  3. johnsalvini says:

    Amazing Pat…so great and such a good reminder to us all.

    Love you my brother.

    Take care,


    On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 4:38 PM chroniclesofmccloskey wrote:

    > patmccloskey posted: ” You learn a lot about patience when you are > confined to your home in times like this. You become aware of things that > maybe you were too busy to see before, or maybe just never took the time to > notice. For instance, the patience shown by my wife Janet, ” >

  4. Charlie Beagle says:

    President Trunk is thankful for Melanie! Good men are created by good women! Thank you Grandma Trunk!

  5. Valerie Reading says:

    Amen to that Pat. It’s a beautiful ministry. Thanks for your support to those lovely ladies.

  6. Michael McCloskey says:

    God bless you and your family.

  7. skimeister says:

    Stay safe, thanks for sharing.

  8. Richard Steigerwald says:

    Pat, to put pen to paper is how you are helping Janet and everyone else that is going through the same situation or has in the past. Knowing that they are not alone in that struggle between what is right and what is our responsibilities and resources for our Loved ones ! I remember when I got in the Steamfitters ( 3rd generation ) My Dad said ; Take care of the old guys, you will be old some day too,and I did ! Life is hard and difficult at times like this but, we pray for the right answers . Our Hearts tells us which direction to go when we are at these crossroads of life. Janet , her Mom and you will be in my prayers ! God bless all the caretakers for they are Heavenly sent !

    • patmccloskey says:

      Thanks so much for this Rick. Very comforting words and so true on your part. Thanks for the prayers. ” Thank God for the caretakers for they are heavenly sent” Wonderful

  9. Art Bonavoglia says:

    Joan raised a lovely daughter and Janet is honoring that relationship in such a profound and caring way. Joan is blessed beyond measure to have you and Janet both providing her with a loving home. You are both to be commended and all 3 of you will be in our prayers.

  10. Cuz-I-L. Your "Cousin In-Law" Lynne Anne says:

    Pat, A wonderful tribute!. In describing your Janet, you have also described the Janet for whom she is named, my beloved mother, who solely cared for her mother from age 62 to 96 in our home. Two loving, caring, giving Christian women who truly know, and chose to live, the Word: “Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.” Those of us in witness to their Christ-like love ARE truly blessed..Your Cuz-I-L, Lynne Anne.

  11. Tom Tiernan says:

    Go Janet Go! Sending you all tons of 💓

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