Playing Hurt

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From the Best of

This is a picture of my friend Eric Durfee and me back in the day at Tuckerman Ravine. We used to ski and camp there a lot  in the spring and although there was enough adventure for the both of us up there with changing conditions and falling ice chunks the size of Volkswagens, we never had an injury while skiing there. Back home after one of those epic trips, I was walking by the tennis courts in our county park, stepped on a tennis ball and broke my foot. People asked me,” Pat – did you do that on your ski trip?” I responded in the negative and told the rather boring tale of the tennis ball. You see, most injuries I have ever had in my life have been mundane, boring circumstances which is how most people get hurt anyhow. Not paying attention…

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2 thoughts on “Playing Hurt

  1. Jack Ladesic says:

    Pat, great read! You make my annual hikes up Highland Bowl feel like skiing Fawn Lane. 😂 Keep up the good fight. My 74 year old bones refuse to give up the fight. Hope we get to make some turns in Vail or Aspen this coming season. I’ll be free loading at Rob’s place in Eagle Vail for a couple of months. (Feb.,Mar.) Stay in touch.
    Best, Jack

    • patmccloskey says:

      Great to hear from you Jack. Some of the best turns I have seen came from a 75 year old guy at Snowbasin a couple of years ago. Keep on keepin on my friend. Regards

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