Know the Rules!

Know the Rules


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AP570722027_t62014d7c856-bf4a-4b95-ada5-4359dd6b415cGOClogo-shannopin-country-club Its funny, people come up to me and ask if I play golf? I respond,” only if I have to.” I am a little too nervous and jerky for golf and I always remark that if they could pitch the golf ball to me, I might do better. In any event, outside of the occasional 9 holes for fun with Janet(my wife), I really don’t play much golf. However, I do have a history of sorts with the sport. I rented clubs at Ballybunion, the famous course on the west coast of Ireland, and promptly lost 6 balls on the first 6 holes because the rough was so high. I ended up returning the clubs because the shop was closed and walked the rest of the course just to see it. Very scenic but not a place for me to play golf.

When I was…

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2 thoughts on “Know the Rules!

  1. Linda Visosky says:

    Enjoyed this very much. Great experience working as caddie.
    While my son , Steve did his internship at Laurel Valley, Dan did 2 years caddying at Laurel Valley . Grueling work catching a double on a hot day in “Death Valley “. Great memories of that historic Us Open.Unfortunate when Oakmont did their redesigning. Fewer shade trees, brutal to be a spectator on sunny day.

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