The Great One

I always loved this time of the year when I was a kid. My dad would sign me up for baseball at the Berkeley Hills Fire Hall and I would wait for the notice to see what team I was on and when we started practice. The field was right across the street from where I grew up. As it turned out, I played catcher in minor league, little league, and pony league, and loved every minute. I even loved it when Mike Malone crashed into me on a crucial play in pony league. I tagged him, and I went ass over tin cups into the backstop and held on the the ball for the out. That happened to me a lot. Guys would love to come steaming into home plate and try to take out the catcher. The trick was to tag them and hang on to the ball. I couldn’t get enough baseball. A funny sideline was a number of years ago,I was helping coach my son’s baseball team and as I was telling my mom about my experience, she said,” What do you know about baseball? You never played baseball?” Just goes to show you she liked swimming meets better than baseball games. I made the all star teams and she never saw me play once with the ” tools of ignorance” behind the plate. We all got a good laugh out of that one. But playing catcher was wonderful and I tried to emulate Smokey Burgess behind the Pirates plate. He was stocky like me and could throw out a runner stealing second with little effort.
But the real hero in Pittsburgh was Roberto Clemente who played right field for the Bucs. My dad would take me to the games at Forbes Field and a special time was the Father and Son Baseball Nights at the University Club. I had to wear a sport coat and tie but got to meet all the players at the dinner before the game. They were all there signing autographs and I was in awe when I met the great Roberto. He was genuinely a nice guy and seemed to like meeting all the young kids and asking us about our baseball. My dad was not really a fan because Roberto had this habit of making basket catches below his belt instead of the standard method of catching a fly ball over your head and cupping the ball with your other hand. My dad called Roberto a hot dog but I knew better. He was……the Great One!!!

Roberto was more than a great player. He was a generous and extremely philanthropic person, and as I learned in later years, he made numerous trips to aid his fellow citizens of Puerto Rico who were victims of disasters or just plain poverty, and tragically died in a plane crash while getting supplies and food to Nicaragua after an earth quake in 1972. All of Pittsburgh was devastated and something died in me that day too as a senior in high school. As a young kid, Roberto was a hero to me and his life ended way too soon. I always held him close in my heart. Hockey may call Gretzky the Great One, but in Pittsburgh, Roberto will always be…….The Great One. I can still see him running down a sharply hit ball in right field, spinning around and throwing out a runner sliding into home plate. Smokey would field the rocket ball from right field and tag the runner and the crowd went wild. I can see it in my mind to this day.
So as the spring flowers start to bloom, the grass gets green, the temps moderate and the sun shines in Pittsburgh( yes it does happen), I think about baseball. Our PNC Park is one of the nicest fields in the country with our Pittsburgh skyline as the backdrop. There is nothing like sitting at the park on a nice summer evening and watching the Bucs play. Our Andrew McCutchen was not happy this year when he was moved to right field. My immediate reaction was that he should be proud to play the same position as Roberto Clemente did for the Pirates. When I see him now in right field, my mind drifts back to #21 playing that same position. Just recently Cutch was moved again due to an unfortunate incident with Starling Marte, but that is another story. But whoever fills that right field position, will be standing in some pretty big shoes. Some advice to the young players out there, only Roberto could get away with the basket catch. Get that glove up over you head, watch the ball, catch it and cup it in the glove with your other hand. Play Ball!!! Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Great One

  1. Bill Day says:

    Great piece, keep um coming!!


    Hey Patrick,

    Great read about the “Great One”! I remember being at the Pittsburgh Athletic Club or PAA (I think that was want is was called?) with you and John and we were all in awe of all the players. But, Roberto stood out for sure. And I don’t remember you playing baseball, and I was really no good at that and had a hard time figuring out the game. Those itchy wool baseball uniforms, yikes!

    Anyway, have been doing yard work and still like it. But, someday, probably not, right? Linda and I hit WP last Friday as she was off from Catholic school for Good Friday and it was sunny, bluebird, fast corn groomers. We had fun and it was not crowded at all. WP is open til April 30th and we may go this Sat. to see Michael Franti and Spearhead for free and do one more day. Rain is coming here today and WP got 4in last night. Crazy compared to your mtn. biking now and snow still happening here. I did ride my great Trek Emonda SL5 yesterday and getting lots of rides when I can and subbing when I can find special ed. sub jobs. I love helping the kids out and they need major help!

    I see your Facebook stuff with mtn. biking in different places kinda near you or not, and it looks like fun, but hard rides with a beer for the rewards of riding like a maniac.

    Take care and hope all is well. We are putting this haus back on the market in June and hoping for the best and pay cash on a new haus and have no mortgage what so ever. That is the goal to downsizeand have a small yard in a ranch-style haus. Pray for us. We need it with selling and buying the next one. Yikes!



  3. Cindy Marie says:

    Love the pic of you and your dad. Love this time of year too! Can’t wait to see a game! Nice post

  4. Jim Carroll says:

    Love that the right field fence at PNB is 21 feet tall.

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