Vehmontahhs( Vermonters)

IMG00332-20110324-2105 Many,many times I have put all of my gear in my vehicle and headed up I-79, accross I-90 in New York, cut the corner at Amsterdam and spit myself out at Ballston Spa, New York, hopped on I-87( the Adirondack Northway), headed east on Rt 149 and into Rt 4 until I crossed the border into Vermont. For those of you who have not been there or those of you who have and appreciate it, Vermont it one of the most beautiful states in the Union. The Green Mountains with all their seasonal glory are a wonder to behold and the little iconic towns like Woodstock, Bethel, Randolph, Stowe, East Burke and a host of others are something out of a Christmas card. The steepled churches, the gazebos in the town squares, the beautiful homes with the steep pitched metal roofs to ward off the heavy snow, and the candles in the windows make you feel like you are driving or walking back in time compared to the hussle and bussle of cities much larger. Vermont has a warmth and a charm that is hard to describe unless you take the time ( and take your time) driving or walking through the towns or hiking the hundreds of miles of trails in the Green Mountains. The skiing is great and can be a challenge because of the weather, but that is what makes Vermont what it is. The challenge earns that hot toddy or Long Trail Ale at the end of the day.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Vermont besides the mountains, towns and dairy farms, are the people themselves. They are a hard working, Ethan Allen like, ready for anything lot, and tend to be your best friend only when they get to know you. Kind of like a dog who sniffs you and snarls a little bit until they know you are their friend and then they will do anything for you. Take these three curmudgeons in the hot tub above. These three Vehmontahhs are my friends who I ski with each year and have about as much business in a hot tub as Atilla the Hun would be at high tea. These guys are hard core skiers and the guy in the middle is the owner of the hot tub out in Nevada. He has enjoyed the laid back lifestyle of the west but still took a 2 month motorcycle trip to the Arctic Ocean this summer. The consumate outdoorsman, he honed his skills back in Vermont.

True Vermonters don’t drive Land Rovers with” I Love Vermont” stickers on the bumper. They tend to drive old F-150s or perhaps an old Impala with concrete blocks or cement bags in the trunk with big honker snow tires. Weather means nothing to these guys as evidenced by the re-build they did after the recent hurricane last year. They silently rebuilt their homes and roads without all the hoopala from the media. This is what they do. They eat nails for breakfast and tend to be the masters of the understatement. “Yea- it is a little bit scratchy on the trails today.” Translated that means you can see last years dandylions under the black ice that you are skiing. “Well we got a little dusting overnight.” That means a foot of new snow. The first time I went skiing with Eric Durfee( the guy in the middle up above), we went to Mad River Glen which is a tyrant of a hill with no snowmaking, single chair and blankets, and conditions that can generate sparks coming from your skis as you make your way down the glades or icy sometimes rocky trails. The temperature was 15 below and the guy at the ticket booth was selling single ride tickets. Eric came to the booth and said,” Two day tickets please.” To which his fellow Vermonter replied,” Did you hear what I said, we are selling single ride tickets because of the cold.” Eric said,” Yeah- I heard you, two day tickets please.” Fast forward to about 2:00 PM, my wips wah fwozen and I couldn’t get any wohdds out of my wips. My feet were numb, the hands were numb, and I finally requested that we go in. The guy who eats nails for breakfast said, don’t stay in too long, you will sweat. I would have given my right toe for some sweat at that point.

Vermonters don’t tend to be recreational types. In fact there is a movement in the state to encourage Vermonters to ski more. Most of the skiers are tourists like myself and want to be like the locals. But we are a dead give away to any true Vermonter but not as bad as New Yorkers who think they are locals because they rent a ski house for the winter and step all over your skis. When they say,” What are you lookin at?”,it tends to give them away but all the same, they enjoy the slopes as much as anyone. I just give them some room.

My buddy Hutch on the right in the picture, is a native and loves to ski. His enthusiasm is brought to light in his comments to this blog and if anyone enjoys his home state and slopes and trails -it is Hutch. We skied together earlier this year at Killington which he lovingly calls “The Beast”. The snow guns were blasting, the trails were icy and only about half the mountain was open. But Hutch was excited to ski and so was I and we had a ball. We will see each other in a few weeks as the group gathers again at the Durfees out in Nevada. The guy on the left, Proctor Reid, was an ex-Dartmouth ski racer and still can turn them today like he did 40 years ago. Vermonters are an interesting breed. Once they get to know you,again,they are your friend for life.

Before I close, if you want to get a taste of Vermont, try these three web sites. Vermont maple syrup is the best in the world and don’t let the Somerset County folks in Pa. tell you any different. If you log on to, the Couytures will set you up with some fine and tasty maple products. If you log on to, you can order some of the most beautiful hand blown glasswhere anywhere in the counntry. If you are in Vermont, the Quechee Mills are the home to Simon Pearce restaurant and factory. Don’t miss it. Finally, if you want to have some Vermont in your living room, look up . Woody Jackson is the artist that made Ben and Jerry’s famous artwork on their ice cream pints and quarts. Cool stuff and worth the look. Go visit Vermont, ski and hike there, ride your road or mountain bike there, but most of all, get to know a Vehmontahh. They are great people who know how to live, work hard and play hard. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Vehmontahhs( Vermonters)

  1. Larry Cohen says:


  2. Mark Hutchinson says:

    Pat! As i was driving out of Nancy’s family farm to go on our first date we noticed one of dads cows had escaped the pasture and was standing looking at us in the middle of the road. I stopped, Nancy got out and pulled up a couple of fenceposts and shooed the cow back into the pasture! Now that is a true full service vermont wife!

    • McCloskey, Pat says:

      No truer words were ever spoken. You captured it Hutch in just two sentences. That made me laugh out loud!!!! Thanks for the response.

      • oclv454 says:

        Pat, that day at Mad River was 30 below, not 15 below. (Before windchill). You were a trooper. You had your bindings set on “4” or “5” and every time you hit a rock or a root you skis came off. It was rough skiing that day but it started a long and terrific friendship.

      • McCloskey, Pat says:

        Oh my gosh. Laugh out Loud!!! That is funny and yes we have had a lifetime of experiences since then. See you in a couple of weeks. Seven Springs DIN scale………..hilarious.

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